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What's New?

» Watch for Lyle in new Season 3 episodes of Monsters and Mysteries in America airing now (2015) on the Destination America channel.

» Watch for Lyle in a special episode of Monsters and Mysteries called "The Blackburn Files" airing on the Destination America channel Friday Sept 12 at 10pm EST.

» Fantastic reviews of Lyle's Lizard Man book keep coming in! Click here to read the latest.

» Lizard Man was chosen as the Best Cryptozoology Book of 2013 by Cryptozoo News. (The Beast of Boggy Creek topped the list in 2012.)

» Lyle was featured on the Finding Bigfoot Season 4 premiere episode "Return To Boggy Creek" (Animal Planet).


Lyle's Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man books are available HERE.

For detailed information about each book, click on its image below:

Upcoming Appearances (2015)

» Sept 25-26: Gulf Coast Paracon - Biloxi, MS

» Oct 08: Claiborne Parish Library - Homer, LA

» Oct 10: Texas Bigfoot Conference - Jefferson, TX

» Oct 24: Boggy Creek Festival - Fouke, AR

» Nov 07: History, Haunts, and Legends - Jefferson, TX


Monstro Bizarro / Rue Morgue

Lyle's Monstro Bizarro column can be found in Rue Morgue magazine.

Interviews & Articles

» Podcast: Higherside Chats

» Podcast: Expanded Perspectives

» Podcast: Beyond the Edge Radio

» Blogtalk Radio: Sasquatch Watch

» Video: The Bigfoot Report

» Podcast: Into the Dark Radio

» Podcast: Night of the Living Podcast

» Podcast: The Bigfoot Show

» Podcast: Gralien Report

» Blogtalk Radio: Bigfoot Tonight

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