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Lyle BlackburnLyle Blackburn is a native Texan known for his work in writing, music, and film. He is the author of several acclaimed books, including “The Beast of Boggy Creek” and “Lizard Man,” whose subject matter reflects his life-long fascination with legends and sighting reports of unknown creatures. Lyle is also the founder of the rock band, Ghoultown, columnist for the horror magazine, Rue Morgue, and narrator/producer of documentary films such as “The Mothman of Point Pleasant” and “Boggy Creek Monster.”

Lyle is a frequent guest on radio programs such as Coast To Coast AM, and has been featured on numerous television shows airing on Animal Planet, Destination America, Discovery Science, and A&E. In his work with Monsters and Mysteries in America, he served as both consulting producer and special episode host.

As a musician, Lyle has achieved similar success. His band Ghoultown has released eight albums, which have not only earned a loyal worldwide following, but found their way into movies, video games, and numerous live venues across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Highlights include an invitation to write a theme song for iconic horror maven, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The song’s music video - featuring Elvira herself - was aired on her nationally syndicated show, Movie Macabre.

When Lyle isn’t writing books, hunting monsters, or performing with his band, he can be found speaking at various cryptozoology conferences and appearing at horror conventions around the United States. Just look for the trademark black cowboy hat.

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Television Appearances...

Monsters & Mysteries: The Blackburn Files (Destination America)
Monsters & Mysteries in America (Destination America)
Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)
Strange Evidence (Discovery Science)
The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs (Shudder)

Home Strange Home (HGTV)
Shipping Wars (A&E)
Elvira's Movie Macabre (syndicated)
CBS Sunday Morning Show (CBS)

Television and Film Credits...

Narrator: The Bray Road Beast (documentary)
Executive Producer / Narrator / Co-Writer: The Mothman of Point Pleasant (documentary)
Co-Producer / Narrator: Boggy Creek Monster (documentary)
Consulting Producer: Monsters & Mysteries in America - Season 3 (television)

Conference / Convention / Speaking Appearances...

International Cryptozoology Con - St. Augustine, Florida
International Bigfoot Con - Kennewick, Washington
Texas Bigfoot Conference - Jefferson, Texas
Ohio Bigfoot Conference - Cambridge, Ohio
Boggy Creek Festival - Fouke, Arkansas
Cryptid Con - Frankfort, Kentucky
Mothman Festival - Point Pleasant, West Virginia
Florida Skunk Ape Conference - Orlando, Florida
Lake Worth Monster Bash - Fort Worth, Texas
Honobia Bigfoot Conference - Honobia, Oklahoma
Nebraska Bigfoot Conference - Hastings, Nebraska
Oklahoma Bigfoot Symposium - Stilwell, Oklahoma
Cryptopalooza - Jefferson, Texas
Crosstimbers Creature Con - Norman, Oklahoma
Lizard Man Festival - Bishopville, South Carolina
Claibourne Public Library - Homer, Louisiana
Bedford Public Library - Bedford, Texas
Anomalist's Books - Lexington, Oklahoma
Museum of the Weird - Austin, Texas

Texas Frightmare Weekend - Dallas, Texas
Festival of Fear - Toronto, Canada
Scarefest - Lexington, Kentucky
Fantom Fest - San Antonio, Texas
Carnival of Parahorror - Buffalo, New York
Weird West Fest - Giddings, Texas
Paranormal Summit - Sacramento, California
Paranormal Expo - Little Rock, Arkansas
Gulf Coast ParaCon - Biloxi, Mississippi
History Haunts & Legends - Jefferson, Texas
Haunted Holidays - Marshall, Texas
Dragon*Con - Atlanta, Georgia
Pensacon - Pensacola, Florida
Fan Expo - Dallas, Texas
Ark-La-Tx Comic Con - Texarkana, Arkansas

Radio Appearances...

Coast To Coast AM
Darkness Radio (Fox News 1130 AM)
WBAP Morning News (WBAP 820 AM)
Alive At Five (KYNT 1450 AM)
Moore's Outdoors (KLVI 560 AM)
Exploring Unexplained Phenomena (KZUM 89.3 FM)
The Gralien Report
The Bigfoot Show
Project White Paper
Nocturnal Frequency
Bigfoot Tonight
Binnall of America
Jerry Pippin Show
Bigfoot Diaries
Brain Waves (Dread Central)
Grand Dark Conspiracy
The Crypto Zoo
Chester Moore's Extreme Wildlife
Truth Connections
Into the Dark
The Spencer Hughes Show
Crypto Reality
Sasquatch Watch
Expanded Perspectives
Paranormal and Beyond
Dead Air
E.P.I.C. Voyages
Dead Air
Onyx Paranormal
Monster Guys
Exploring the Bizarre

Inside the Paranormal (WVQC 95.7 FM)
Where Did the Road Go (WVBR 93.5 FM)
Fringe Radio (KTKK 630 AM)
The Outlander (CBS Radio)
The Eggman Show (KTOK 1000)
Spooky Southcoast
Squatch-D TV
Walk In Darkness
Jim Harold's Paranormal
Night of the Living Podcast
Search For Hidden Beasts
Inspired by Bigfoot
Open Canvas
The Chosen
Into the Fray
Do You Believe?
Beyond the Edge
Nocturnal Frequency
Stranger Advice
Just Energy Radio
East Texas Mysteries
Unknown Origins
Continual Condition
U.S. Paranormal
Paranormal Minds
Nocturnal Confessions
The Paracast
Bigfoot Hotspot
Delta Paranormal
After Dark
Paranormal Central
Phenomenon Encountered



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